Safety is a core value at American Water. It goes beyond a priority and is simply how we choose to do our work.  Safety as a value is something that all employees have in common.

Nuestra meta es cero accidentes y lesiones, y la premisa es simple:

La seguridad en American Water no se verá comprometida por la velocidad, conveniencia del cliente ni las ganancias.  

To us, defining what it means to be safe goes beyond measuring accident and injury rates, but instead focuses on lowering or reducing exposures in the workplace that can lead to injuries.  By continuously evaluating and acting on identified hazards and exposures, and more importantly reducing or eliminating them from our work environment, our employees will go home each night to their families, friends and loved ones and return the next day to their coworkers.  

Our approach to safety can be summed up in a simple way – Choose Safety.

We believe that Safety is not just something we have to do; we believe that Safety is something we choose to do every single day because as a value, that is how we work here for our employees and the customers we serve.

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