American Water sees diversity as a vital element in creating an environment where differences are accepted and are important to the company's success.

Diversity of backgrounds, ideas, thoughts, and experiences is vital to our culture and the way we do business. Creating an environment where differences are embraced and where every person feels engaged and included makes us safer, stronger, and more successful.

We encourage, honor, and celebrate differences in our employees, including race or ethnicity, gender or gender identity/expression, spiritual practice, age, nationality, military or veteran status, sexual orientation, physical, mental, intellectual, or learning abilities, education, and personal style to name just a few. Diverse employees make us more successful in serving our very diverse customers across the country.

We want to foster an environment where our people can work safely, both physically and emotionally, generate great ideas, provide the best customer service, and make a difference in the communities we serve. By cultivating an inclusive and diverse work environment guided by our core values, we enable any one or group of us to develop the next big idea, delight our customers, grow our company and create a future of success.

We are all beautifully different.


Lynch Walter

“At American Water, we regularly reflect our values and our culture. We’re all different and having that diversity across our organization is what makes us a great company. We’re stronger because we have different ideas, viewpoints, experiences and backgrounds. Most importantly, we embrace and encourage one another to respect and value those differences.

Our beliefs
We believe that inclusion and diversity are vital elements to our success. Creating an environment where everyone can bring their whole selves to work is essential for the emotional safety of our employees. It makes us more successful in providing the best service to the communities we serve.

The way forward
We have come a long way and we know there is more work to do. Building open and respectful dialogue, listening to different perspectives and learning from one another is no always easy to do. We are committed to using our collective voices to continue to get better at building a truly inclusive work environment. That is what an inclusive organization looks like – one that is constantly striving to be better for the benefit of everyone.

Collaboration between leadership and employees
Our culture is shaped by effective leadership creating a safe, healthy and inclusive organization with a highly skilled workforce. Every employee is empowered to contribute to a workplace where we feel safe, included and treated with respect and dignity. ”

Walter Lynch
President & Chief Executive Officer
American Water

American Water’s Workforce Diversity

American Water is proud of our diverse workforce and is consistently identifying opportunities to continue to diversify our teams. We are committed to building a diverse and inclusive workforce.

I and D InfoGraphic

American Water’s employee population is derived from an 84% diverse hiring pool and is comprised of 26% females, 21% minorities, 6.1% with a veteran or military status, 1.6% with disabilities, 0.7% identify as LGBTQ+ and 0.1% are spouses of veteran or military. American Water’s overall diversity is 43.7% with 50.2% of diverse new or rehired employees. Diverse employees are being promoted or transferred at a rate of 56.9%.


Valoria Armstrong

“Inclusion and Diversity is more than a buzzword for American Water – it is a strategic business priority that is vital to our success. I&D permeates throughout the company, informing a multitude of processes from our hiring practices, to vendor relationships, to talent development and our organizational structure. It extends from our boardroom to our front-line teams to the diverse communities we serve.”

Valoria Armstrong
Chief Inclusion Officer
and Vice President, External Affairs
American Water



Diversity Statement

American Water sigue comprometida a hacer su aporte para poner fin a la injusticia racial en nuestra sociedad. We also acknowledge the increase of racial injustice we’re seeing toward Asian Americans in the U.S., and realize many of our teammates experience it all too often. It is unacceptable to all of us. Any incidents of racism or discrimination will not be tolerated at American Water. Inclusion and diversity of ideas, thoughts and experiences are vital to our culture. Respect and dignity for all is at the core of who we are at American Water.

2021 continues to be a productive year for Inclusion & Diversity as American Water rolls out our Employee Resource Business Groups beginning with Women and Black/African American Groups with many more to follow. We are continuously planning and deploying trainings, discussions and celebration events to keep Inclusion & Diversity at the forefront of everything we do. Like safety, our mission is to ingrain Inclusion & Diversity within our culture.


We are stronger when we come together.

As a company, we have been deeply moved by ongoing nationwide tragedies that are a reminder of the racial disparity that exists in our country. Racial injustice is wrong and inconsistent with the values of our company. We are all different, and that’s a beautiful thing. Our diversity is our strength and should not be used to divide us. While much work remains to be done to address systemic racism, American Water is committed to listening, learning, and doing our part to contribute to a more just and inclusive beautifully different society.

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